When you arrived Koh Larn pier. You will see the village of Koh Larn first.

On various consumer product, you can buy at Koh Larn. The shops are numerous.
Seven Eleven shop is open 24 hours.
And it has ATM of Kasikorn Bank at Seven eleven shop.

You can pay to buy consumer of people Koh Larn. The same general price.

Most shops, restaurants, open 7.00 am and close around 4.00 pm.

Fish, Crab, Squid, you can buy at Koh Larn pier and vegetable shop in village.

If the Prawn, fish, squid, you can buy near Seven eleven shop in Pattaya Pier. The price and freshness like Koh Larn.
If a crab order at Koh Larn. Crab size is larger. But order in advance.

You should come to SeaBeach NaBaan pier from Pattaya.

7.00 A.M. 6.30 A.M.
10.00 A.M. 7.30 A.M.
12.00 A.M. 9.30 A.M.
14.00 P.M. 12.00 A.M.
15.30 P.M. 14.00 P.M.
17.00 P.M. 17.00 P.M.
18.00 P.M. 18.00 P.M.


 Tawaen Beach
Tawaen Beach in the north of Koh Larn. The most popular beach in Koh Larn. Because long white sandy beach and blue of the sea.
In the morning, A lot of Tourist come to this beach.
Most of the Asian Group Tours, Chinese, Korean, etc. The activities are also playing a lot. As Jet Ski, Banana Boat, etc. Or swim together on the beach is playing happily. It has float to prevent ships into the waters.
If anyone want to avoid sun and drink Beverages under any umbrella. It charged about 20 bath per person. There is also a service to paint nails or braid. Tawaen Beach also has a souvenir shop much more. you can choose to find and buy souvenirs back home.

Tawaen Beach is crowded with tourists, especially during the day.
Because the beach has many consumer goods, everything easy. But if anyone wanted to quiet. The atmosphere at private and will find accommodation each night after 4 pm because tourists will travel to each other out.

Tawaen Beach also the location of the Koh Larn Government Tourist and organize care on Koh Larn.
And a security unit.
The two patrol boats to take care And assist visitors. If an accident.
  Samae Beach & Tien Beach
Samae Beach on the south-west of Koh Larn. It is not equally popular. The sunset is beautiful. Samae beach is one of the most beautiful beach. Perfect for relaxing and swimming. The blue sea. Sandy white beaches. The beach is one of the tourists to relax. a lot of foreigners, especially European.

Tien Beach
on the beach west of Koh Larn. To walk across wooden bridge. not far. This beach is popular with European tourists and thai tourists. A lot of Tien tree on the beach. It has some activities, Jet ski, Banana boat, etc. same Tawaen beach and Samae beach. But is less popular. quiet beach. Main activities of the beach. People are like swimming. Relaxing sunbathing. Or traditional massage. Paint nails and Braid. It has Canvas bed. But less than Tawaen beach and Samae beach.

Hua Kod
A small beach. The tourists avoid other beach.
Clear sea. White sand. Privacy. Like the other beaches.

Koh Larn is located in Pattaya from Bangkok about 150 kilometers, which is traveling to Koh Larn as follows.

1. To travel by private car drivers. You can drive their own cars with ease using
     the road Bangna - Trad takes about two hours, or to escape the traffic jam
     in the line of Sukhumvit.
Has Expressway. Bangkok - Chonburi (motorway)
     will be more convenient.

2. Full line of travel by bus. You can take buses to travel to Pattaya. The buses
    serving the two stations are.

               2.1 Bus Terminal North / North East Line (Mor Chit) is a transport bus
                      station with buses serving tourists every two hours to the first trip 
                      around 5:45 pm
. The final around 20:00 am. Fare about 97 Baht
               2.2 Bus Terminal Eastern (Ekamai) a bus station as well as Mor Chit.
Fare about 97 Baht.

The two bus lines and takes about two hours to bring tourists to the destination, Pattaya Bus Station. North Pattaya Road bus will be (Minibus) to serve you at all. Regular fares are priced from 10-100 Bath depending on the distance.
The passengers will travel. The fare for traveling to Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya, Fare about 30 Baht per person.
This is a pier where citizens and tourists in traffic to cross between Pattaya - Koh Larn.

Getting to Koh Larn, you can choose two ways.

1. The trip by speed boat. Takes about 15-20 minutes. Every speed boat will have Life jackets. For Tourist Safety.
     Fare Starting 1800 Baht.

2. Travel time and boat to Koh Larn is waiting at pattaya pier. First trip from Pattaya to Koh Larn at 07:00 PM
     First trip from Koh Larn to Pattaya at 6:30 pm. Every 1 hour / trip. journey takes approximately 45 minutes.
     Final trip from Pattaya to Koh Larn at 18:30 pm, and Final trip from Koh Larn to Pattaya at 18.00 am
     Fares one trip 30 bath per 1 person.

Koh Larn have bike rental. Fare 1 bike about 200-300 bath per night.
Motorcycle taxi, Fare about 25-30 bath per person. Minibus same price or Contractors may be agreed depending.

  • Fishing Fish and squid on the Boat.
  • Diving (Sea Walker).
  • Diving (Snorkeling).
  • Jet Ski.
  • Banana Boat.
  • Etc.

Koh Larn. In addition, you can enjoy the beaches here with many activities to do then, In Koh Larn
have Restaurant with fresh foods, beverages of
all types are now all kinds of services. As Delicious seafood and fresh. Thai food, western and international cuisine are now services to tourists. These restaurants will be located in villages and beaches.
Also the islands around Koh Larn. Koh Krok,
Koh Sak, Koh Phai. etc.
You can rent a boat to
the islands.
Because you can dive, coral viewing,
fish feeding or fishing on the boat.
Area of the island
Also has beautiful coral and abundant fish do not lose Koh Larn.
And is not far from Koh Larn.
But homelessness as Koh Larn.

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